Monday, February 21, 2011

A Reminder of Spring

Hello my Friends...I hope everyone had a great day of rest!! I sure did! I got a nap in that lasted, I am ashamed to say, 3 hours!!! I must have needed it!
I was going through some of my pictures and found this from last spring...
A wild rose I picked from my yard!
I can't wait to have the bush outside my kitchen window bloom again! It makes the chore of doing dishes so much more enjoyable!
I also found this picture..
Homemade hamburger buns
I forgot I had made these! Doesn't a grilled hamburger on one of these fresh buns sound yummy?!?!?!
These were just a few reminders that Spring is just around the corner. I was thinking about that today with the pouring rain outside my window...

Also I posted our farm house story on the Farm House page. I apologize it's a little long and the pictures aren't that great..I hope to get updated ones soon!

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  1. I like the pictures of your home. I bet it is so beautiful in the Spring! One of my favorite things is working outside in my flowerbeds and lawn. We really enjoy your blog. Keep it up!